Oceans Curse

Picture it, mate –

 A leviathan blue moon rises menacingly close, as the shades of rum-softened, sandblasted salts, pepper the pristine beach on this uncharted desert isle.

Yea, these seafarers frolic now, like friendly, firelit demons- each hoisting brown bottle in balled fist! When only a few ticks prior, the pitch of their jolly folly was naught but marauding madness! T’were an obsidian occasion to be certain, born of black smoke and salted blood. Here, near the outskirts, they drop their guilt along with their anchor, tasked but to make merry like it’s their last night alive. Because, making war upon water ain’t for the Lord’s meek! War on the water is for naught but the lean stalkers and great gluttons! That’s as true as I can tell it.

And so it is that we lay our tale way down in the brutally beautiful and bountiful Paradisi Islands.

Here be the stuff of every Johnny’s drifting dreams; no less than the fundamental flows of all heavens and all hells. Here be perfect grace. Here be monsters. Some are like to say, ‘In Paradisi, ye find only what ye have hidden.’ Aye. That’s a strong enough draught for me liking! Too true, as I sees it. By and by, no matter how ye tally, ‘tis surely a kingdom of twilight! Pretty as you please, with a boozy balance of diamonds and darkness.

And so it is that I deign to invite ye aboard our patron saint, our one true savior; the grand old lady we calls, Ocean’s Curse. The Curse, be a great, gilded galleon, possibly possessed by the wandering will of a merry mermaid’s soul. If that don’t float yer boat, feast them eyes on milady’s unparalleled speed and nigh-impenetrable armor! Impressive endowments, to be sure! But beneath her silky skirts, lies the real surprise; take a peek and ye shall see our lovely lady has got more guns than God! By hook or by crook, she shall see us through our darkest nights, all the while carrying us toward our diamond days.

May all our days be diamond,

Captain Octavius Graves (KoC)